Interesting stuff available for download

Paper describing the research and the resulting algorithm: paper.pdf

Final algorithm implemented in python (based on fdp from graphviz): LombardiSpringEmbedder.rar
The rar file above includes an extendable implementation of fdp in python and some sample graphs.

As a benchmark, we ran the Rome Graphs through our algorithm, results of which can be found below.
We used all graphs with 15 to 50 nodes and produced a regular and lombardi style image for each:
LombardiPics1.rar | LombardiPics2.rar | LombardiPics3.rar | LombardiPicsColor.rar
Also available are some standard graphs: StandardGraphPics.rar

A template for writing a graph layout algorithm in python that interfaces with Graphviz programs like circo, neato, and fdp:
The template can be used for developing an algorithm that you will later incorporate into Graphviz.

A python implementation of another Lombardi algorithm proposed by Matsakis: